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Onome's Art Textile workshops explore the versatility of collage and textiles to tell stories and communicate ideas. Having led a successful workshop sponsored by the British Council in Ghana, Onome brings this expertise to a series of similar events in London. Onome guides participants to create their own artwork from recycled wax print material, using shape and colour composition as a theme. Workshops have no age requirement and no background of expertise is required. This is a engaging exercise which encourages the creation of exciting imagery and the development of storytelling.


What happens?

How can textiles create a form of expression and play? Using Onome’s practice as a starting point, we’ll explore some key concepts, influences and styles to start on our own collage.

A station is provided for each participant - this will include an assortment of art materials and supplies. Working to a theme, a short time will be spent selecting fabrics and trimmings to create the artwork. You are also encouraged to consider personal responses and cultural associations with the fabric as you cut out shapes and motifs to produce a stunning piece of artwork.

A personal enjoyment of mine is to end with a The session will end with a short show and tell! You are invited to share your artwork if you wish - this is a great exercise to broaden our understanding of how narrative is achieved through visuals.


Additional Info:

Art materials and supplies are provided.

Refreshments available throughout session.

workshop was great - I had so much fun. I would thoroughly

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